Make your life easy with Alexa!

I’m building my smart Room with Amazon Alexa. I already purchased few Alexa devices, Alexa Eco Show 10, Eco Show 5 and Eco Dot 3rd Gen. Combined with all 3, I built my smart room.

The day start with telling me latest weather updates and traffic on my route.

Then, schedule my calendar, tells me all my meeting schedule

Give me notifications issued by New York City

Control my devices around me, if I wanted turn on my AC I would say, Alexa, turn on AC and Alexa turn it on for me. Also, if I say Alexa, turn on TV, it turns on and off TV. Also Anything connected to power, can be turned in to a smart device.

When it’s dark in the evening, Alexa turns on lights in my room and at mid night around 11.59pm Alexa turn off the lights.

Also, if it’s hot in the room, Alexa able to turn on and off A/C and Fan for me.

Like wise, I am able to do so many things with my Eco and smart devices. If you are not a ‘Smart guy’ just talk to me, I can turn your home or room to a smart home!